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Visit by Children’s Author, Julie Fulton

????????????????????????           ???????????????????????   ‘Authors in Residence’  has been our door sign for the past few weeks so we were thrilled when Julie Fulton, author of the ‘Ever So ‘ series, visited our school to share her love for writing and her ‘Writer’s Hints and Tips’ with the pupils in Y3SM, Y3/4SL and Y4RB.

 The pupils were excited to discover that some of their favourite books were Julie’s as well and after the visit one of the main ‘Writer’s Tips’ that stuck with them was ‘Read, Read, Read!’ The ‘Writer’s Tips’ that Julie shared with the pupils are so relevant to what the pupils have been learning and the visit has really inspired and motivated them in the creation of their Adventure and Mystery stories. Thank you again Julie from both the pupils and staff at Grove Primary School and Nursery.

   “I was asked to visit this fantastic school by Worcester County Schools Advisor, Julie Dark, to help Years 3/4 with their literacy topic – Mystery and adventure stories with the theme of Wolves. I am really looking forward to reading some of the finished stories the children are working on while they are the ‘Writers in Residence’ at Grove Primary School.

 I had a great time working with the classes and, hopefully, there will be more to report on the fantastic work the children and school are doing.”

(Julie Fulton)


Please visit Julie’s website at http://www.juliefulton.com/school-visits/ to read her full report on her school visit.