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At Grove, we follow the National Curriculum for Science. In our science lessons we aim to provide an understanding of natural phenomena and stimulate children’s curiosity in finding out why things happen the way they do. We teach methods of enquiry and investigation which encourage creative thought. Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way science will affect their future on a personal, national, and global level.

We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop scientific knowledge and understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics enabling them to understand the uses and implications of Science, today and for the future
  • develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of Science through scientific enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. As much as possible, science lessons at Grove are practical and hands-on.  This allows the children to explore concepts for themselves and control the direction of their own science learning.  The children are encouraged to either decide upon a question to investigate or the equipment and method to use to answer a particular question.  Teachers support children with making predictions and learning from what they have found out at the end of an investigation.

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