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School Council

Every class votes for a School Council Representative in September. We have meetings every two weeks.

Our School Council for 2017/18 are Jessica, Beth, Logan, Libby-Louise, Amelia, Chloe, Lacey, Jack, Cody, Tao, Adel & Millie, plus our Head Girl & Head Boy, Anastascia and Zayne

Latest News

Spring 2017

Water Aid

School council worked in collaboration with Eco Warriors to organise a charity fundraising week to support Water Aid. Each class were given a choice of activities, both fun and educational to learn more about hygiene and the scarcity of clean drinking water on our planet.

Lots of classes chose to take part in the ‘Toilet’ quiz which was really good fun. We also dressed up in blue on one of the days. Apart from having a really good time, we raised £111.64 for Water Aid.

Autumn 2016

We held a ‘Get to School on Time’ poster competition. The winners received house points and had their posters displayed around the school.

We also had a lunchtime ‘Get together’ with drinks and biscuits with children who come to school late. Children were able to talk about their difficulties and were given suggestions to help them get to school on time.


Pupil Voice

In November, several of our year 5/6 children took part in a discussion with the Pupil Voice Officer for Worcestershire, as part of their consultation of the Worcestershire Children & Young People’s Plan.  We had to consider what were the key areas of importance for children in our area.  We were asked to take part as we are known as “champions of pupil voice” and were proud to be asked.