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School Council Quotes


quote “I like my friends, because they make me happy if I am sad”  (Ana, 8)

“We go on exciting trips where we learn kayaking, climbing & archery” (Bradley, 11)

“I love climbing trees and bird watching in Forest School” (Emma, 6)

“I like playing games with my teacher – he is kind”  (Tao, 4)

“The teachers make you laugh when you are upset” (Ellis, 8)

“Everybody helps you learn when you’re confused”  (Izzy, 9)

“We do a range of sports like hockey, cricket, netball and go to tournaments” (Sophie, 11)

“We have a gigantic playground and field”  (Jack, 5)

“The teachers always encourage you to persevere”  (Trinity, 10)

“You get to enter competitions like on Science Day, Easter Hat parade” (Callie, 7)

“The discos are extra fun” (Kieran, 9)

“We feel like we’re in a really safe environment, where we’re known and valued by the staff” (Trinity, 10)