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Praise Assembly

Each week on a Friday morning, we have a whole school assembly to celebrate children’s achievements.

As part of this celebration, each class teacher chooses one child to receive a special weekly award. These awards are done on a three weekly rota covering-

Excellence in English  writing-clipart-2

mathMagic-280x300Magic Mathematician

Superstar of the Weekbth_star2

The most recent winners are as follows:

Week ending- Friday, 10th November, 2017    Theme:  Excellence in English!

Class Winner
Willow  Keeley T
Holly Riley S
Birch Patryk
Pine Sommer J
Yew Zaydan A
Beech  Anis H
Spruce  Urszula K
Oak  Kayleigh B

The children’s names and work are also displayed within the school entrance hall.


Each week we also have a Learning Log winner. This is for the child who has produced the best piece of homework (Years 1-6).

The most recent winners are as follows:

Week ending:- 29th September, 2017

Class Winner
Birch  Toby & Ryan
Holly  Alyshia, Harry & Adel
Pine  Tao, Tyler, Sam & Oliver
Yew  Maya & Shane
Beech  * * *
Spruce  Morgan M
Oak  Erin W