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Pond Clearing


5SL and some eco warriors from other classes recently took part in a big blitz day on two of the ponds in our school grounds.  The ponds had become overgrown with vegetation and often dried up in the summer months threatening aquatic life and in particular the newts and tadpoles.

We were lucky to have the expert help of Worcester Roots Foundation who sent along some of their fantastic young volunteers who worked tirelessly alongside the children throughout the day.  The children were also incredibly hardworking and seemed to have boundless energy! How many boys ended up spending their lunchtime playing football with one of the many balls rescued from the pond?

Getting incredibly muddy aside (thank you to our understanding parents), the children all had had an amazing day!

Thank You to all our helpers and volunteers!

P.S. Look out for more pictures to show how the ponds change over the course of the next few months!