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Who We Are

The Governing Body of the Grove Primary School and Nursery is currently made up of volunteers from different walks of life.  We meet regularly to review and discuss all aspects of School Management.

The Governing Body is accountable to the Worcestershire County Council Local Education Authority (LEA) and it has an executive role working with the Head Teacher, who has day-to-day management responsibility of the school.

Governor members are listed in the table below:


Governor Position Start Date End Date Governor Type
Mr S Smith Chair 09/05/2013 08/05/2017 Co-opted
Mr J Stobart Vice-Chair 12/01/2016 11/01/2020 Co-opted
Ms A Guest Acting Headteacher Staff Headteacher
Mrs S Bilke 01/02/2016 31/01/2020 Staff
Mrs D Evans 19/05/2015 18/05/2019 Co-opted
Mrs J Fowler Pupil Premium 19/05/2015 18/05/2019 Co-opted
Mrs J Freeth 19/05/2015 18/05/2019 Parent
Mrs G Lewis 19/05/2015 18/05/2019 Co-opted
Mrs A Lord Safeguarding & SEND 20/01/2017 19/01/2021 Local Authority
Mrs M Whitehouse Sport Premium 19/05/2015 18/05/2019 Co-opted
Ms E Guest Deputy Head Associate
Mr D Withey Associate
Mr J H Ling Clerk 28/11/2013 31/03/2020 Co-opted

To contact any Governor, please email office@groveprimary.worcs.sch.uk

What We Do

We have an independent overall responsibility, firstly to the wider community for the work of the school and secondly to hold the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team of the school to account for the quality of its work.

This includes quality of teaching, progress and achievement of the pupils and the culture of the school.   It is our remit to balance provision of support to the Head Teacher and challenge his actions and in doing so we strive to ask the right questions.  All Governors are equal in their power and the decisions we make are done so collectively.

The Governing Body Strategy document may be downloaded here.

The Grove Primary School and Nursery and the Full Governing Body are periodically inspected by Ofsted which is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.  Ofsted inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.  Ofsted independently and impartially reports directly to Parliament.

Ofsted reports generated following an inspection are available for download on the Ofsted website at http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/.

Where and When We Meet

Full Governing Body meetings are held on a half-termly basis on school premises.  Sub-committee meetings including premises and health & safety, curriculum, finance, staffing, Head Teacher performance, attendance and complaints, are regularly held throughout the academic year.

The School Improvement Committee (SIC) was additionally established in 2011 to focus particular attention on pupil attainment and these meetings are currently held on a monthly basis.  Ofsted data analysis tools, provided to schools, allow an objective measurement of pupil progress.

Governing Body meetings provide an opportunity for the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team to present proposed initiatives for improvement of an aspect of school management or performance, and for the Governing Body members to review these and monitor the effectiveness of initiatives currently in progress.

Governors additionally have the opportunity to meet with teaching staff and pupils in the classroom environment to review both curriculum planning, coursework content and the excellent work of the pupils themselves.  Governors occasionally work in the school during term time and are Disclosure and Barring Service approved (DBS, formerly CRB), where this is required.

How to Become a Governor

There are a couple of ways in which it is possible to become a Governor and these are:

  • Completion of an on-line application form to register an interest in becoming a Governor. This form is accessible from the Education & Learning > Schools Curriculum section of the http://gov.uk/ website or the Governors for Schools website at http://www.sgoss.org.uk/.
  • You can apply direct to the Chair of Governors of the Full Governing Body for the Grove Primary School and Nursery.  Contact details may be obtained from the reception desk at the school.

Prospective Governors are invited for interview by the Governing Body members, however are appointed by the Local Education Authority.  Successful Governor applicants are mentored by other Governors locally within the Grove Primary School and Nursery and are supported by initiatives run by the Local Education Authority.

Governor training courses are provided and Governors, the Head Teacher and teaching staff have the opportunity to work in collaboration on a wide range of topics.


Whilst the Governing Body strives to be approachable at all times; please give the teaching staff every opportunity to address any day-to-day complaints in the first instance.  The complaints procedure is published in the Policies section of this website and is available on request from the reception desk at the school.

The Governing Body actively monitors all formal complaints and will take balanced and considered action, where appropriate.