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new logo jpeg    Teaching and Learning at Grove Primary School

At Grove we work with our parents and children to ensure the curriculum is rich, broad and full of exciting and memorable learning experiences.  Our children thrive by using their imagination and applying their learning to new situations.  Our curriculum develops pupils as subject experts; we focus on developing effective writers, readers, mathematicians, scientists etc. It is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

We believe learning has no limits and at Grove pupils reflect on their strengths and identify their own goals.  Teachers help children to understand their next steps and how to achieve them.  Our learners are curious; they make choices, form opinions and deepen their understanding by working with others.  We ensure that opportunities are given to help pupils to flourish and achieve the highest possible standards.

At Grove every lesson matters and in each classroom you will hear the buzz of learning, the encouragement from teachers and children eagerly asking questions.  You will see children working both in partnership and independently, exploring and growing in confidence.  Classrooms are vibrant and showcase success; work is displayed and celebrated; children’s effort is rewarded.  The classroom climate enables all pupils to achieve.

“Bringing out the best in everyone”

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