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Each week in whole school assembly, we announce the attendance figures for each class for the previous week.

Key Stage 1 winning class are presented with ‘Mr Rabbit’ 038

bth_star2Key Stage 2 winning class get an attendance trophy.

Latest winners and results are as follows:-

Week ending 3rd July, 2017        


Foundation/Key Stage 1 Winners –   Ash

Key Stage 2 Winners –   Sycamore

Class Weekly Percentage
OAK 97%
SPRUCE 88.4%
YEW 92.2%
BEECH 89.5%
PINE 92.1%
ASH 100%
BIRCH 91.8%
WILLOW 97.9%

Overall school attendance for the current academic year stands at 96%

Every Day, Every Half Day, Every Lesson Counts – Letter to Parents

bth_star2Winning Classes for best attendance record for 2015/2016 academic year are Oak & Pine- Well done!


100% Attendance for the Spring Term 2017

Well done to the following children who achieved 100% attendance for the AutumnTerm: OakConnor H, Ruby H-L, Mathew L, Abi P, Teejay S, Mattie W.

Spruce- Kurt H, Micaiah H, Theo J, Ana R, Erin W

SycamoreAndrew B, Emily D, Callie F, Hannah G, Bethany H, Gemma H, Charlie J, Liam O’N, Demi-Lee S, Jessica S.

BeechWillow D, Jack H-L, Alex M, Mia S;

Yew- Joseph G, Rhys K, Bryanie S

PineLiam B, Sam H, Louise L, Tyler S

AshMarty B, Thomas G, Kyle H, Shelby T;

BirchFinley B;

WillowAdel H, Ethan M

Comments from 100% pupils & parents

bth_star2Meet our amazing 19 SUPERSTARS, who achieved a fantastic 100% attendance from September 2015 to July 2016!  WOW!

Abi A, Jasmine B, Poppy EL, Daniel G, Micaiah H, Reuben H, Young Ju, Young Ji, Mathew L, Holly M, Ben M, Faye O’N, Abi P, Charlie R, Ana R, Braxton S, Bryanie S, Lily-May W.

peter pan   Theatre Treat – Peter Pan


Attendance Fun – Summer 2015

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‘Thinking About Attendance’ – a Powerpoint Presentation for Parents